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Other Legal Services

Community Education

Community Education is a priority and WTLS is committed to providing up-to-date information about the topics that most affect our clients, community based organizations, service providers and the community as a whole. WTLS offers over 100 community education publications on various topics and has extensive resources available HERE.

Ryan White & HOPWA Lead Agency

West Tennessee Legal Services provides case management and supportive services in West Tennessee for the Ryan White and HOPWA (HUD Housing) programs.

Pro Bono Project

The Pro Bono Project recruits and supports attorneys who volunteer their legal services. Volunteer attorneys agree to represent or advise those persons who do not have the financial ability to retain counsel and who otherwise would be unable to fully participate in the legal process.  The ProBono Project sponsors continuing legal education classes on various topics yearly.

Mediation Services

For persons who have been court-ordered or who are interested in using an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, WTLS maintains a panel of mediators who will assist disputants at no charge.