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Cycles of Success

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A two-generation approach to alleviate poverty through holistic legal services.

Who We Are

Cycles of Success is a partnership between the Tennessee Department of Human Services and Tennessee Alliance of Legal Services with the goal of raising Tennessee families out of multi-generational poverty by addressing barriers to success that have civil legal solutions. Due to the success of the program in Shelby County, the program has been expanded to include identified at risk counties, including Hardeman and McNairy counties, where legal help is provided by West Tennessee Legal Services.

What We Do

Cycles of Success aims to provide holistic legal representation. Traditionally, lawyers address only the most obvious and pressing legal problems presented by a client. Through Cycles of Success, we aim to identify and address every legal problem clients face presenting barriers to success. For example, a family may be in dire need of representation when facing an eviction. Cycles of Success attorneys would address that eviction case, but instead of ending the representation there, a Cycles of Success attorney may move on to help with less acute issues like healthcare, SNAP, expungements or child support.

The types of legal issues that we help with include:

  • Expungements
  • Consumer protection issues
  • Housing issues
  • Discrimination in housing
  • Access to affordable healthcare
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Child support
  • SNAP
  • Landlord/tenant problems
  • Orders of protection

This is just an overview of the types of legal services we can provide. If you identify any possible legal problem facing a family, you can refer the family to us even if the problem is not on this list. We will conduct a legal wellness check-up to better understand all of the legal problems that may be affecting the family and create a plan to help that family with as many as possible.

Who We Serve

Many families facing legal problems will qualify for free legal representation through the Cycles of Success program. The family must include at least one member over the age of 18 who is caring for a child under the age of 18. The family must also meet some income eligibility requirements. A family would likely qualify for the program if they are at or below the Federal Poverty Level, or if they are eligible to receive (or are already receiving) some kind of public benefit.