Disaster Fact Sheet

FEMA Assistance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency that gives state aid in case of a federally declared disaster. We can help you understand these benefits. We can also help if you are told you got too much in benefits.

Replacing Lost Documents

Replacing your lost documents can be hard. We can aid eligible clients in getting them back.

Contractor Issues

Contractors claiming to be something they are not can take your money and run. We can help you find out whether they have a license and insurance. We can also help with issues when a contractor does a poor job or doesn’t finish the job.

Education Issues

Many families move after disasters. If a school has refused to enroll your child, we can help.

Title Clearing/Heir Property Issues

To get some types of disaster aid, you must show that you own the property. We can help you prove ownership of a primary residence or automobile.

Landlord's Duty

If you rent a home or apartment damaged in a disaster, you may need repairs. We can help you figure out if you or your landlord must make the repairs.

Homeowner and Renter's Insurance

We can help you file an insurance claim and explain the coverage options available to you. This could help you avoid costly mistakes and problems as you put your life back in order.

About West Tennessee Legal Services

West Tennessee Legal Services (WTLS) has provided access to justice for low income and vulnerable West Tennesseans since 1979. WTLS addresses legal problems affecting basic needs, such as food and income security, shelter, health care, and freedom from abuse.

Disaster survivors may not think about needing legal aid. Their focus is on survival. But you may face issues that require legal help.

For more information or to apply for assistance:

West Tennessee Legal Services


Toll Free: 1-800-372-8346 ext. 1250

Fax: 731-423-2600

Email: wtls@wtls.org

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