Have You Been Sued?

Act Within 10 Days To Protect Your Bank Accounts and Belongings.

This booklet is for you if a judge has decided you owe someone money. The judge's decision is called a judgment against you. The court can take your money or sell your things to pay the debt. You may be able to stop this if you file legal papers within 10 days. You don't need a lawyer. You can use the white paper in this booklet.

The white paper in this booklet is called a "Debtor's Claim of Exempt Property". It protects up to $10,000 worth of your belongings and money. Plus it can protect all the money in certain bank accounts.

Try to file it BEFORE the judgment is final. Ask the court clerk's office how many days until the judgment is final. In general sessions court, a judgment is final 10 days after the hearing. What happens once the judgement is final? The creditor can file to take your property unless you file legal papers first.

The Creditor can never take your clothes, family bible or pictures, trunks, school books, certain health care aids or tools you use to earn a living worth up to $1,900.

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