Our clients pay no legal fees. WTLS exists because of funding from grants from federal, state, and local governments and donations from private foundations and individuals. Due to limited resources, WTLS must make hard decisions about which cases to accept based on our priorities. WTLS enlists the help of community members in setting our priorities for case acceptance.

Photo of a mother with four children

WTLS’ priorities consist of these core areas:

Access to Healthcare

Securing or retaining income

Securing or retaining shelter

Personal freedom and security of

  • Abused persons
  • Institutionalized/vulnerable persons

Issues that affect family safety, cohesiveness, and stability

WTLS’ priorities reflect our focus on supporting families impacted by poverty, housing discrimination, addiction, and other legal issues experienced by our most vulnerable neighbors.

You can help us choose our priorities

You can help us help our most vulnerable neighbors by completing our legal needs assessment survey. We welcome your comments and hope that you will keep us informed of the unmet legal needs you see in the future. With your help, we look forward to successfully serving those in need in West Tennessee for many more years.

Case Acceptance and Legal Aid Offered

WTLS attorneys consider the following when evaluating a case:

  • Whether the case falls within WTLS’ priorities
  • The likelihood of legal success
  • The availability of resources for representation
  • Whether there are alternative community and/or pro bono resources

WTLS attorneys and staff members provide holistic legal services, including legal representation, information and referral, community education, and community partnerships.