WTLS provides advice and representation to those seeking an expungement of criminal records and assists those who are needing their rights restored as they reenter society.
Our attorneys and advocates provide high-quality legal representation to our clients in the following areas:



An expungement is an erasing or removing of charges and convictions from your criminal record. This includes if you were arrested and released without being charged, dismissed charges, "no true bill" from a grand jury, nolle prosequi charges, diversion charges, and certain eligible guilty convictions.

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Certificate of Employability

A certificate of employability is an order by a judge saying that a person with a past felony conviction is honest, respectable, and truthful.

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Fair Housing and Criminal History

Criminal background checks are often used as screening criteria for rental housing to determine qualified applicants. For those with a criminal history, these screenings have become a barrier to obtaining housing. Many formerly incarcerated individuals, who have paid their debt to society, face continued penalties outside of the courts by being excluded from much of the housing market.

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