Volunteer Opportunities

West Tennessee Legal Services has opportunities to volunteer and get involved in the community. Attorneys can contact our office to accept volunteer and reduced fee cases. Law students can volunteer in person or remotely. Non-attorney professionals can volunteer in other capacities. Below are a list of volunteer options WTLS offers.

Attorney Opportunities

WTLS offers many ways for attorneys to donate their time to further the cause of providing access to justice for all. Private attorneys can join the Volunteer Lawyers Initiative or the Contract Attorney Program. The Volunteer Lawyers Initiative is a program where private attorneys volunteer their time for full cases or at clinics. The Contract Attorney Program allows attorneys in certain situations to take WTLS cases for a reduced fee. Attorneys who join either program are eligible for free training opportunities.

Law Student Opportunities

Law students can volunteer remotely or in person at clinics or events. Students may choose to participate in the new WTLS Law School Clinic project or sign up for other opportunities.  Additionally, WTLS frequently hosts interns, externs, law clerks, and fellows.

Non-Attorney Opportunities

WTLS has opportunities for non-attorneys to assist in its office or at clinics. Volunteers may help answer the phone, handle general office work, translate and interpret, assist attorneys in gathering information and materials for their cases, and on other responsibilities as necessary. Additionally, WTLS hosts events through the year where volunteers are welcome.