Victim’s Rights

WTLS provides advice and representation to victims of abuse. These services include lethality assessments, safety planning, order of protection, divorce, custody, and child support.
Our attorneys and advocates provide high-quality legal representation to our clients in the following areas:


Criminal Justice Process For Victims

If you have been a victim of a crime, you can participate in the criminal justice process. This information informs victims about the criminal justice process from the beginning to the end and details the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights.

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Domestic Violence: Recognize It! End It!

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive and/or coercive behavior used to gain or keep power and control of another person. It can include illegal and legal acts that undermine the victim’s sense of safety, self, and free will. Domestic violence includes intimate partner abuse and child abuse.

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Victims of Domestic Violence Can Receive SNAP

You can apply for SNAP Benefits for yourself and your children on your own. DHS will look at only your income, the expenses you are responsible for, and your resources, in deciding whether you can get SNAP Benefits. The resources you owned together with someone in your former household will not count. Even if you don’t cook your own meals, you may be able to get SNAP Benefits.

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Victim Resources

Victim/Witness Coordinators are employed by the District Attorney’s office to help victims and witnesses of crimes to understand their rights and answer their questions about the criminal justice system.

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