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Victim Resources

Victims Resources (1)

Victim/Witness Coordinators are employed by the District Attorney’s office to help victims and witnesses of crimes to understand their rights and answer their questions about the criminal justice system. The following counties have Victim/Witness Coordinators that can assist victims of crimes through the criminal justice process. Please contact the county where the case is being handled.

Benton County: 731-584-2427
Carroll County: 731-986-5031
Chester County: 731-602-9109
Crockett County: 731-470-0502
Decatur County: 731-584-2427
Dyer County: 731-286-8329
Gibson County: 731-470-0502
Hardeman County: 731-645-1030
Hardin County: 731-925-7570
Haywood County: 731-470-0502
Henderson County: 731-602-9109
Henry County: 731-642-6307
Lake County: 731-286-8329
Madison County: 731-423-5800 (Jackson City Court: 731-425-8515)
McNairy County: 731-645-1030
Obion County: 731-884-2610
Weakley County: 731-364-5513

Some counties may have other resources for victims of crimes. The following resources are not a full list of resources available. Please contact these offices to enquire about their services:

Wo/Men’s Resource and Rape Assistance Program (WRAP)- 800-273-8712
Safe Hope Center- 731-425-8515